TRADEX – is focused on meeting people’s basic needs through each of its specialized areas in importing and exporting Food products. We live by our values and are motivated by our passion to deliver high-quality goods and services. We focus on serving those basic human needs that are not met due to structural issues in the supply chain. TRADEX solves these market inefficiencies by acting as a transactional intermediary, connecting geographically disparate buyers and producers, supplying liquidity, knowledge and sourcing. By consolidating business structures so that they are vertically integrated across all parts of the supply chain, TRADEX is able to convert operational businesses into financial businesses. Our activities include Distribuition in Brasil to retail and Food Service, control solutions for supply chain and production, distribution and marketing of food.

We selected the best producers with the best ratio of cost/ benefice for our clients. With our expertise in food business we guarantee this certifying producers, developing partnership with transport companies, Inspecting the production, during loading process and on the destiny.


• Supply the demand for food products with best andcustomized service. Reaching the best cost/ benefice.
• Developing solution in: exporting and importingprocess, financial process, commercial development and Transportation.

WE guarantee the whole process

• With a multi-functional team and partnership on each step of the export process, we control the and inspect the product since the production plant up to delivery port.








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